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In-depth knowledge about the field helps us in being experts in Wholesaling, Retailing and Trading Building Materials. We are Dealer for Glass, Hardware Items, Plywood’s, Mica, Beading Items, Tiles, Aluminum Fabrication, Roofing Materials, Kitchen Accessories, Sanitary Ware, Pre Lamboards and Paints.


Strive to achieve excellence in our business by offering all construction related quality materi als available under single roof in order to cater to the requirements of all types of customers.


This AGH started as a family business principally carried out by Sri. Abusalihu, the Karta of the family later on taken over by his second generation of Asian Family.


Asian is the go-to destination for all building needs. We offer a range of products and services to make your building complete in every respect and comfortable in every aspect!

From Hardware to Plywood, from Sanitary ware to Kitchen accessories, from Tiles to Paints, from Roofing materials to Glass, we have the best brands all under one roof! And we offer it in warm ambience, wonderful atmosphere and with warm service!

Each product that we offer is manufactured in accordance with strict standards and specifications and with stringent quality control. After all, we are in the business of building – building trust and building happiness!


We work systematically to integrate corporate responsibility in our core business


We strive to discover continual opportunities that support innovative solutions & products


We are a one stop solution company providing high-quality and reliable building materials

Entrust your home products to a master

Entrusting these essentials to a master craftsman or reputable brand ensures not just superior quality but also peace of mind.


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